I want this to be a monthly series, and it will be one day (when I get my act together). However, due to a busy couple of months, or in other words because I forgot to publish this post in June, I have decided to merge the last two months together into cheeky double-month favourites. Boom.

So here are my favourite products, food and a random entry for May and June. Enjoy!

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Fresh and Foamy Body Wash

£6.50 from Boots

Think lemon and lime mixed with lots of sugar and that pretty much sums up the smell of this bad boy. Or maybe a Sherbert dip with a bit of lime cordial mixed in. It’s just utterly delicious and smells like a dream in the shower. It’s also one of those products you can smell heavily when you go back into the bathroom after having a shower, which I love. You feel all clean again just by going back into the room. I also find it really wakes you up too which is always welcome when I drag my sorry arse out of bed in the mornings with one eye still closed and mascara from the night before half-way down my face. Sexy.

TIGI Bed Head Beach Freak Moisturizing detangler spray

£10.85 from Look Fantastic

I was introduced to this by my hairdresser who actually used it in my hair the last time she came round to give me a colour and cut. I was blown away by the smell (pretty sure it’s mango but I describe it as ‘holiday’) and how shiny and soft my hair felt, so HAD to purchase it. I use it after every hair wash and it does just what it says on the tin (bottle). Mind you, it has its work cut out with my tangled mess!

Urban Decay Naked palette

£38.50 from Urban Decay

I’ve had this since the beginning of the year, having wanted it for agggggeees, and have used it pretty much every day since. Not only are the colours gorgeous but they are super pigmented and stay on my eyelids all day without falling down my face or disappearing completely like some eyeshadows do. The range of colours in this palette is perfect for my eye colour and complexion. I tend to go for golds, browns and pinks that compliment my blue eyes but it’s nice to have the option of the darker colours if I’m partying it up too. The empty hole under the eyeshadows in the picture above is for the brush that came wth the set, naturally, I lost that a few days after I started using it.

Laura Mercier Crème de Pistache body scrub

Discontinued 😦

Sadly this product has now been discontinued, which I have only just found out having googled it to get a price! I have been using it lots the last couple of months so still wanted to give it a mention. It smells like pistachio ice cream, which for me is an absolute win – the only downside being you really want to scoop it out the pot and eat it, sod just using it as a scrub! It’s such an indulgent treat for the bath or a weekend shower. The kind where you feel like you have all the time in the world so always spend a bit longer pretending to sing like Adele whilst using every product you can find. That could be just me, though! I’m really surprised you can no longer buy this as it always seemed to be such a popular fragrance amongst the Body and Bath range. I used to have the body cream and that was just as divine as this. Fingers crossed that Laura Mercier brings it back or another brand does a dupe cause I hate the thought of not being able to replace this. (Classic middle-class woe…)


Any homeware store at the moment

A bit of an unusual one to add to my favourites list I suppose, but I have been really loving it the last couple of months so I thought why not mention it. I know it’s super-trendy right now, the metal of the moment and all that, but I wasn’t actually that keen at first. I’ve always been really into silver, and still am, but I spotted a candle in Primark (pictured above) back in May and surprised myself by actually quite liking it and thinking it would go well in my lounge. Well, I should have known buying that one thing would spark a new obsession but of course it did and now I’m all over anything copper-related. I was eyeing up salt and pepper shakers in Tesco for some time the other day… Anyway, I have two copper items in my house now and this (I know) is just the beginning.

Alpro Coconut Milk

£1.00 at Tesco (current offer)

If you like the taste of coconut then get on this. It’s delicious. I mostly have it in smoothies as it’s sweet and creamy and saves me from adding any additional sweetener. You could have it straight as a drink, in hot chocolate (Bounty hot chocolate anyone?) or with cereal/porridge. Basically, however, you would normally use your usual milk! There’s no mistaking that it’s coconut though so if you think you can disguise the taste somehow then you can’t. I would like to think that anyone who doesn’t like coconut wouldn’t buy this, though, but you never know…

Trek Cocoa Coconut Bars

£14.36 for 16 at Amazon – can buy individually or as a pack of 3

Sticking with the coconut theme, I have been loving these bars again over May and June having first been introduced to them last year. They are around 200 calories and perfect for an afternoon or pre-gym snack, each containing 9g of protein. If you can imagine a Bounty and a Flapjack having a nice time together and then the Bounty (I assume the Bounty is the girl) giving birth to this amazing mix of chocolate, coconut-y, oaty flavours in the form of a mini snack bar, then that’s what this tastes like. And yes I know that was a slightly long-winded / crazy way of explaining it.

Brewdog Elvis Juice Grapefruit Infused IPA

£1.79 from Tesco

I’m not a huge beer drinker. I mostly opt for wine, prosecco or gin but I do enjoy the occasional bottle or pint down the beach or in the garden. I tend to stick to lighter pale ales or blonde lagers which aren’t too heavy for me in terms of ‘beer-ness’. I came across this one in my local off-licence and have been really enjoying it for the last couple of months. It’s great with curry or pizza or as a drink in its own right on a hot summer evening. As the name suggest it contains citrus flavours keeping it light and (very) drinkable.

So that was the bunch of things I have been loving these last couple of months and I already have a list in progress for July, hopefully, I’ll manage to post it in time!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please comment below to let me know what products, food or anything really that you’ve been loving lately. Ta Ta for now!

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