I have been a member of English Heritage for just under a year now. Having visited a few of the sites, we (we being my other half and I) soon twigged that we quite liked poking round castles and historic sites and so actually it would make sense to buy a membership.

You can find out all the price options here if you’re interested, it’s saved us quite a bit of dosh. I have been to around 15-20 sites now, some more than once too so its good value for your buck.

Dover Castle Sign-1.jpg

Obviously you don’t need to be ‘all about the history’, which of course I am – just don’t test me on anything! It’s more about visiting places that are a bit different to where you would normally go. And if you get to learn a bit about the Country you live in or find out interesting facts about some of the well-known documented characters off of the olden days, then that’s a bonus too right?

A couple of weeks ago I visited one of my favourite English Heritage sites, Dover Castle in Kent.

Sat high on a hill looking over the sea and Dover port, the Castle is quite something. Built in the 13th Century under the reign of Henry 111, it was one of the largest and most strategically build castles in England back in the day.

Dover Castle2-1.jpg

It provides a great day out boasting lots to see and do and learn about, including the secret world war 11 operating tunnels, underground hospital, medieval tunnels and Great Tower. Just make sure you’re up to date with your squats before you attempt to climb up there! I nearly had a cardiac arrest.

The day we went was part of the annual WW11 weekend so there was a lot of re-enactments going on, a Spitfire fly-past and a mini market with stalls selling artefacts and ration-style grub.

Spitfire at Dover Castle Colour-1

We spent about 4 hours there including a picnic on the lawn (but you could spend much longer) and then popped over to look at the White Cliffs site and go for a walk along the cliff top.

This was really stunning, it was a gorgeously hot day and the cliffs and sea looked beautiful. The walk itself is a bit hilly with rubbly ground underfoot, so wear sensible shoes if you are going to do this and make sure your boyfriend/husband leaves his stiletos in the car!

White Cliffs of Dover2-1

It was a lovely day spent chatting away with a friend and I thoroughly recommend both the Castle and a walk around the cliffs for families, couples and friends alike. And if like me you like to walk around old buildings with a walkie-talkie (most of the English Heritage sites provide these which act as a personal tour guide) then have a look at the website and choose somewhere a bit different to visit on your next day out.

As always, thanks for dropping by 🙂


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