Afternoon Tea has to be one of my favourite indulgences. What’s not to love? Little iddy biddy sandwiches cut into squares or tiny triangles (I’m not shapeist, either way is fine with me), a delicious selection of cakes and then at least one warm, soft and crumbly scone slathered in jam and clotted cream. Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

And it’s the only type of ‘meal’ you ever have where you can…

  1. Eat as much as that in one sitting and feel normal about it
  2. Drink copious amounts of tea to wash down all the yummy food, quite frankly when do you ever drink 4 cups of tea one after the other? OK, sometimes I might.
  3. Display your food on a 3-tire platform in the middle of the table resembling a scrumptious mountain of sandwich and cake. ALL the cake!

So I think i have made my point for why Afternoon Tea is such a delight and you may have even been to a few fancy pants restaurants yourself and indulged in what is possibly one of the best ideas since sliced bread… BUT and here comes my actual point, have you ever thought of creating it yourself?

“YES!” You are probably screaming, cause it’s a pretty obvious thing to do really, but I have been a DIY Afternoon Tea virgin until quite recently. And I’m not saying I’ve never made sandwiches, cakes or scones as separate entities for family or friends but creating the whole thing as one and even purchasing my very own display plate-y thing (technical term) – that’s a new one on me.

So if like me you thought you always has to spend 20-odd quid in a cafe or restaurant to enjoy it, you really don’t. Homemade Afternoon Tea is literally amazing. OK maybe not as amazing as having it all prepared for you, but a close second best. Plus you’re in the comfort of your own home or maybe another chosen location like the park or beach where you wouldn’t be able to buy it. And you can choose exactly what you want without having to compromise on a a cake or sarnie filling you aren’t so keen on.

Afternoon Tea 2

You can obviously choose any cakes, scone types and sandwiches that you desire. For the ones pictured I made cheese and tomato, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches. The cakes were a healthier take on banana bread. I used the recipe from the lovely Nic’s Nutrition, she provides some gorgeous recipes and fabulous health and diet advice. I topped this with a bit of Meridien Peanut butter (nothing but peanuts) and a cheeky banana slice. The other cake was using Nigella’s flourless chocolate brownie, substituting sugar for xylitol and topping with a scraping of Nutella and naturally a fanned out strawberry – cause that’s how my strawberries roll.

Last but definitely not least, we had some shop-bought (good old M&S) cheese and plain scones. And can I just say, cheese sones are definitely underrated, they are sooo delish! Obviously you can make your own, but at the same time you don’t have to – that also goes for any of the cakes. The idea is that you are making an occasion out of this and setting time aside for a munch and a chin-wag and as for where the food comes from or if it is or isn’t ‘homemade’, that isn’t the priority here.

So if you haven’t already, give your own Afternoon Tea creation a go. Let me know what fillings and cakes you chose to make or buy and where your favourite location to eat it is. I’d also love to know what your beverage of choice is to go with it. Depending what mood I am in I will go for a Camomile, Peppermint or traditional English Breakfast tea, talking of which I’m off to pop the kettle on now… Thanks for reading!


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