Have ‘date nights’ always been a thing? Because I’m pretty sure it seems to be a relatively new expression or at least an American term that we have adopted.

Anyway, a cheeky date night can be a lovely thing. And if you’re single, you can date night with a friend. A ‘mate night’ if you will. But if you are in a relationship, and certainly if you have been in one for a long time, you’ll know that it can often be hard to come up with new ideas for different things to do. Especially ones that don’t cost a fortune!

I was recently browsing around on notonthehighstreet.com, literally the best site ever for finding things you don’t actually need. And I had a little poke around in their Valentines section, initially looking at cards and then at the various presents. Those marketing people sure know how to suck you in!

I came across this adorable idea of ‘date night cards’. There were various different versions but the one I chose contained 52 different cards, essentially one for each week of the year. I thought it would encourage my partner and I to be a bit more imaginative with our time together, especially this time of year when it’s cold outside and it’s all too easy just to chill out at home in front of the TV night after night.


They arrived today just in time for Valentines, and I’m really impressed with the range of suggestions that they contain. Cards such as ‘Create a bucket list together’, ‘Build a fort’, ‘Bake a cake together’, ‘Go for a drive but you can only turn right’ and ‘Go out for just dessert’. Lots of cool ideas that will definitely keep us busy for the next year!


Here is the link for the one I have, in case you’re interested in having a further look. Or you could recreate this yourself at home quite easily (and cheaper) with a load of post-its and a mason jar, then you could pick out a different idea each week.

In fact, the perfect task to do together tonight if you fancy doing something a bit different.

Happy Valentines Day!

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