So when I said in my last post that I would share what else I had been up to in the last six months…this was kind of it!

On 27th November, which was our 7th anniversary together, my partner Luke presented me with a beautiful sparkly diamond and asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes.

After the absolute nightmare that was 2016, this was a lovely positive addition to the end of the year that was very very welcome!

We decided pretty quickly that we didn’t want to rush the planning stage, so we chose to hold out for 2018 for the big day itself. Giving us plenty of time to come up with ideas, be able to choose exactly what we wanted without compromising on dates and not to mention enough time to save a whole load of dosh! They say the average wedding costs around £20k, and having seen the prices of pretty much anything to do with weddings, I am really not surprised!

Location wise, we have fallen in love with the town we live in (see my Living the dream post) since moving here 3 years ago, so there was simply no other choice for us than to get married here. We planned to look at venues in January and it turned out we only needed to look at one as it was exactly what we wanted. It’s right on the beach, it’s rustic and relaxed and is so ‘us’. The one thing I have learned from all of the weddings I have been to in recent years, and there have been a fair few, is choose exactly what you want and what reflects you as a couple as it really shines through on the day. Oh, and you can’t please everyone so just do what pleases you 😉

We are booked in for a Friday (best day of the week) in early August of next year, so fingers and toes crossed for a sunny day and a glorious sunset!

Other than booking a few other specific things to secure them such as the photographer – people book very far in advance it would appear – who knew?! There isn’t a great deal more for us to do just yet. I have of course started a mammoth spreadsheet – heaven! It has details of budgets, ideas, statuses, and prioritisation. I am truly in my element!

I will be of course be updating on planning, tips and whatnot along the way, so look forward to that! And I’ll try not to go all bridezilla on the blog 😉

And if you have any tips for keeping sane whilst wedding planning please do share as I’d love to hear from you!

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