I bloody love a spa day. It’s one of my most favourite treats. And when my other half Luke, surprised me with one for my birthday last year that included a homemade vegetarian lunch and unlimited pukka tea, I knew it was going to be special.

It was a frosty Saturday in December, we had to get up early because we had access from 8.30am and wanted to make the most of it. Although I am a massive fan of a weekend lie in, knowing I had a whole day of relaxing ahead of me definitely made that early morning alarm a little easier to stomach!

We were welcomed by name on arrival, which I thought was a lovely touch and were lead into the beautifully decorated, warm and cosy lounge area, decked out with plenty of comfy sofas, french doors overlooking fields and a sparkly Christmas tree. It was that time of year after all and you can never have too many fairy lights!


We were asked to fill in forms with our personal details, a pretty normal start to any spa day and were then taken around for a tour of the facilities. The smell wafting around via several scented candles and burning incense can only be described as that ‘classic spa smell’ which definitely added to the blissful surroundings.

After been shown everything available to us, we got changed into our complimentary robes and flip flops and made our way into one of the many relaxation areas for our first tea of the day. We found out that the maximum people at any spa day here is 10, so there is never going to be too many people milling about at once, making it much easier to find somewhere to unwind without having to wait for a lounge bed.




The changing area was clean and modern with 3 or 4 separate shower rooms and an additional room with hair dryers, straighteners, and complimentary products. Every room and area were just beautifully decorated and featured blankets, books, magazines and board games so there is plenty to keep yourself busy.


After doing absolutely nothing for a good half an hour, we went for a dip in the super-heated oxygenated pool which was like swimming in an oversized bath sponsored by eucalyptus and followed that up with a session in both the sauna and steam rooms before some more lounging and tea drinking. It was such a hectic day!

At 1 pm we endeavored to dry off a bit and went for our lunch in the beautiful dining area. There is something rather empowering about it being socially acceptable to dine in public in your dressing gown, with your wet hair scraped back and mascara half way down your face!



We were treated to a homemade potato and spinach curry with turmeric and lemon rice followed by chocolate orange kulfi. A non-dairy ice cream made with cashew nuts and coconut milk. It was all absolutely delicious and Luke was such a fan of the dessert that he recreated it when we got home.


At 2.30 pm, it was our turn to have our treatments and mine was just dreamy. Luke had treated me to a Abhyanga Full Body Massage which included a session in a steam bath. The treatment itself was wonderful, the pressure was perfect and the steam bath session was a delightful touch to finish off. I was then lead into a private shower room to wash off the oil before leaving, which left my skin super soft and feeling even more relaxed and rejuvenated before I had even left the treatment room.

We chilled for a bit longer (it would be rude not to) before getting dressed and making our way home. It was an awesome way to spend a Saturday and I’d absolutely love to go back. I’d recommend it to pretty much anyone, especially with the delicious food included as part of the day package. Just be prepared to experience the dilemmas of where to relax next, what tea to try next and whether to read, swim or simply do nothing. If you can handle that then this is the place for you!


Here is the website if you fancy having a browse: http://www.torsparetreat.com, they are based in a small village called Ickham, near Canterbury in Kent. It’s definitely a 10 out of 10 from me!

It’s definitely a 10 out of 10 from me!

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