About four years ago I gave up coffee. I was a 3 or 4 cups a day kind of girl and it wasn’t agreeing with me one bit. By 3pm-ish every day, I was experiencing a mega afternoon slump where I would have a complete lack of energy to the point where I could easily fall asleep at my desk if I allowed it. Only more coffee would perk me up again.

I knew this had to stop so I went cold turkey and said goodbye to the hard stuff. Several weeks of withdrawal headaches occurred (if you ever decide to give up coffee, be warned! The withdrawal period is VERY hard.) Then once I was starting to feel a bit more normal, I began to progress with my new coffee-less life by experimenting with teas. I still had the odd decaf coffee but it was the tea that was fast becoming my new obsession.

Fast forward four years and I am now a fully fledged tea drinker. To the point where I will take my own tea away on trips with me. I have a tea for every mood and for every requirement of the day. Waking me up, chilling me out or helping me get to sleep.

We have a whole cupboard in our kitchen at home dedicated to tea and other hot drinks (but mostly tea) and I thought it might (hopefully) be fairly interesting to share my current favourites with you. Especially if like me you are keen to experiment with different teas and enjoy getting recommendations from others.

So here are my faves at the moment:


1. Clipper Lime, Ginger & Green Tea

This is without a doubt a ‘kick up the bum of a morning’ kind of tea. Very citrusy and refreshing with that cheeky kick of ginger. It could just be in my mind but i feel different when I haven’t had this tea. It wakes me up and makes me feel alert, and unlike other green teas I can have several cups without getting that slightly ‘high’ feeling.

2. Clipper Organic Decaf Tea

Sometimes I just want a normal cup of tea. I want a whole packet of biscuits and want to dunk every single one. That’s just how it is. My go to for this is the decaf one because I generally only want this of an afternoon or evening so I don’t want too much caffeine at this time of the day. Unless I am particularly sleepy and want an extra kick to keep me going! This particular tea just has a really nice taste to it. If I want the caffeinated version, I’ll go for good old Yorkshire tea.

3. Clipper Mango Green Tea

Another morning favourite of mine. I’ll usually have this after the Lime and Ginger one to carry on the fruity mood. It tastes pretty much as it sounds. Very mango-y which I am always happy with and yet it’s still very much a green tea. None of that disappointing, watery fruit tea nonsense. Not on my watch.

4. Clipper Jasmine Decaf Green Tea

This is my afternoon go-to. There is something so relaxing about the smell and taste of Jasmine and I just love it. I often have a mug of this when I get in from work as it just chills me out so much and as there is no caffeine, there is no danger of it affecting your sleep a few hours later.

5. Twinnings Camomile & Spearmint Tea

Another go-to when in need of a peaceful five minutes. It’s quite a light tea and I like the touch of mint that makes you feel fresh – if that’s even a ‘thing’?! Camomile is a firm favourite of mine and is known for it’s calming properties, especially if you are feeling slightly anxious or stressed.

6. Pukka Nighttime Tea

I have featured this in my monthly favourites before and I have it almost every single night. It contains oat flower, lavender and limeflower and has a really lovely mellow taste. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly sweet but it’s sweeter than any of the ones I have listed above. I have tried many different ‘sleep’ teas and this is the one I keep going back to. Does it help you get to sleep? Yes, it’s part of my bedtime routine and like with the Lime & Ginger tea, I know when I haven’t had a mug of this before bed.

7. Banff Tea Company Sweet Dreams of Banff Tea

A bit of a random one to feature but I really love it so didn’t want to leave it out! This was a present brought back by friends who visited Canada a few months ago and it’s really lovely. It’s a special blend of rose petals, camomile, lemongrass, lavender, and spearmint and makes you feel all serene and carefree. Like floating on a citrusy cloud.
They do have an online shop, so you might be able to get it shipped over if you fancy trying it. I may have to do so once this pouch runs out!

As always, thanks for reading and do let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these and what do you think? What are your favourite teas?


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