Unlike most other people I know who have already celebrated their big 3-0, I was really excited about entering my 30th year. (Yes, really!)

The moment I turned 29 (literally), I started a ’30 by 30′ list of achievable goals to meet before the big day. As my birthday is in December it’s also the best time of the year to complete a to-do list and as someone who is slightly (very) obsessed with lists, this felt like the perfect thing to do.

I sadly didn’t manage to complete my list. I was in New York for the big day itself which was AMAZING (tick) but I have noticed quite a few changes in the four months since. Changes that I couldn’t have pre-empted with a list. And I don’t mean visually; hair colour, weight loss, new wardrobe (I wish) . But how I feel and think about so many things. I almost feel like a different person regarding some aspects of my life.

Have you recently turned 30 and noticed this? Is this an ‘actual’ thing that happens or am I just barking mad?

Whatever the reason, here are the top 5 things I have noticed since turning 30:

1. I care less about what people think

This one has really surprised me, because I always cared far too much about what people think. But lately I just don’t seem to give a hoot. I have been much more open about my experiences with anxiety, and more selfish when it comes to doing things I want to do and not doing others. I have just generally become much more aware of how I feel and what I want and have made allowances for that. I still have a way to go when it comes to saying ‘no’, but I have achieved a noticeable amount of progress already this year, and it feels great.

30 Brick wall web

2. “You are what you eat” (Gillian wasn’t lying)

I have been dieting on and off for the past 12ish  years. For the last couple I have treated it as more of a ‘lifestyle change’ (cringe) than a diet, and have changed certain eating habits that I will never change again. Such as ditching diet coke, reducing my dairy and caffeine intake and just generally being more aware of what I am eating on a daily basis. This year particularly, it has occurred to me how different I feel when eating certain foods much more than I ever did in my early twenties. And for someone with anxiety it’s really important to recognise when something just doesn’t agree with you, no matter how yummy it is (damn you coffee and sugar!)

30 Distant Warm web

3. Exercise changes your mind as well as your body

Being conscious of what I am eating, also coincides with getting off my butt and moving more. Be it longer walks around the block, doing an exercise video at home or even joining a gym. I have always primarily done these for weight loss but lately it’s been far more than that. Exercise keeps me sane. Every time I work out I feel good, although maybe not always straight afterwards (I’m often a big, sweaty mess). I certainly know when I haven’t been exercising. I feel lethargic, I put on weight and my anxiety creeps over me like an angry cloud refusing to leave.

30 Brick 3 leaving web

4. I’ve stopped making excuses

I have always been a classic procrastinator – I still am to be honest. Even for things I want to do, I still put them off in favour of lazing around and doing sod all. But one thing I have noticed is I’m a lot more honest about why I haven’t done something and I don’t make excuses for myself. If I haven’t been to the gym or done a workout at home, the only reason is because I’ve been too damn lazy to do it! I no longer kid myself that it’s for a valid reason or that I genuinely couldn’t have done it.

30 Warm Retro web

“When I lost all of my excuses, I found my results”

5. Everyone is obsessed with you having children

I’m pretty much the complete opposite to most women when it comes to babies. I’ve never been a naturally maternal person. I’m one of those people who don’t know what to do with a baby when handed one and I certainly don’t go all gooey at the site of a screaming, snotty-nosed ‘bundle of fun’ in the supermarket. I’m not suggesting I will never want to have one of my own, but that’s how I feel right now about other people’s babies. And as if by magic, pretty much the minute I hit 30, that is one of the main questions I get asked. “When are you having babies?”, “You should really think about having a baby soon shouldn’t you?” or even more annoying “Ooo it will be you next!” – I mean, really?! Maybe I don’t want kids, maybe I can’t have them, and what gives people the right to ask such a personal question anyway?! Phhheeew, rant over 🙂

30 on steps warm retro 2

Let me know if you have recently hit 30 and have noticed any of these things about yourself or what people have started asking you  – I would love to hear others experiences!

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