I love that saying. I use it a lot, often in a sarcastic way (yeah I’m that person), but I love the idea of it and what it could mean. After all, who doesn’t want to ‘live the dream’!

A few years ago – pre-2014, I felt a long way off from living said dream. I wasn’t happy with a lot of things in my life, but most of all where I was living. I’m from Kent, and apart from a year where I lived elsewhere, I have always been based somewhere in the County.

I have always been fond of the coastal town of Whitstable, when I was at school a few of my close friends lived there so I got to explore it by helping out with paper rounds or chilling on the beach and going for mammoth walks.

Whitstable Beach & Sea WEB.jpg

These were pre-drinking, driving and having mobile phone days, well the sort of phones that kids have now anyway (I loved that Nokia 5110!) So you didn’t have a lot else to do other than walk around towns and generally doss about. Not much has changed there then…

Old Neptune, Whitstable WEB

In more recent years I used to visit it a lot with my other half. Either to spend an evening with a cold drink or 5 on the beach or to walk around and generally bask in the atmosphere of this cool little town. I love it, it has an awesome vibe, the sunsets are the best you will ever see (I’d be prepared to bet a lot of money on that) and most importantly it makes me feel at home.

whitstable sunset.jpg

The town itself has a colourful mixture of shops from a cheese shop to a lavender shop, a grocers, several butchers and bakeries and of course the harbour where you can buy fresh fish daily.

It also has an ample selection of restaurants and pubs; Samphire, Pearsons arms and the Whitstable Oyster Company are just some of our faves. And despite it’s size you will also find plenty of clothes, jewellery and home-style shops, so don’t think your credit card will be snoozing if you come here!

I never, in a million years would have expected to end up living here though. I’m still not even sure how I managed to wangle that, but I did and I now couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

It really makes me feel like I’m ‘living the dream’ and that’s what life is about.

Paula Westbeach Hazy web

If you haven’t visited and fancy it, here are the top 10 things to do in Whitstable according to Trip advisor.

Do you love where you live and want to scream it from the rooftops? Let me know in the comments below, as always I’d love to hear from you.

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