G’day there! I’m Paula and welcome to my new and shiny blog. I’m from Whitstable in sunny Kent and I have just entered into my 30th year.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for ages. In fact I have actually started a few blogs before, so my trusty WordPress history tells me. Sadly none lasted more than a few posts though and ended up on that pile of ‘great ideas’ I have had throughout the years but was too lazy to carry out.

Alas, here I am again giving it another shot. Whoop!

I think the main reason I went wrong before, or never even gave myself a chance to go wrong *ahem* is that I was choosing specific subjects rather than allowing myself the chance to write about any old thing.

I am not actually planning to write about ‘any old thing’, fear not! But I am planning to keep my subject matter as varied as possible, whilst sticking to two key principles when it comes to choosing what I will write about.

I must either love what I am talking about (no negativity here my friends!) or just find it blooming interesting and have some affiliation with it – wait, is that the same thing?! Oh well, my point is that I’m only writing about stuff that I like, be it beauty or food related, or a fancy day out. I also plan to touch on less ‘fluffy’ subjects for those deep and meaningful days when I want to sit rubbing my chin.

So there we have it, I have babbled on long enough about that I reckon, you get the gist – and although I’m not sure I’m that comfortable with the term, they call this type of blog a ‘Lifestyle blog’, so I’m rolling with that.

If you got to the end of this, I salute you and hope you’ll be back for more ramblings in the very near future.

Over and out.

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